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About Acrylic

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Acrylic (ACRYLIC), methyl methacrylate scientific name, common name special treatment plexiglass. The "queen of plastic" reputation. Acrylic research and development, dating back over a hundred years of history, 1880 methacrylic polymerizable become known; synthesis study made in 1901 to complete poly acid resin; in 1927 the use of the aforementioned synthesis industrialized manufacturing try; 1937 methyl methacrylate manufacturers successfully developed, will enter large-scale manufacturing, due to its excellent strength and toughness and transparency, World War II used in aircraft windshields, tanks vision mirror, the most common is to use the mobile phone screen optical grade acrylic production.
Acrylic because of its unique qualities, the outdoor advertising industry acclaimed, high performance acrylic only through exquisite craftsmanship, to get the perfect embodiment. In order for you to adapt to the fierce market competition, better explore the market, our company will provide you with the best technical support, the most exquisite production process.

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