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Explaination of Point of Purchase Advertising

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pop advertising is one of many forms of advertising, it is the English abbreviation for Point of Purchase Advertising, also known as the sale of advertising spaces, POINT is "point" means. PURCHASE a "buy" means, POINT OF PURCHASE known as "point of purchase." Here the "point" has a double meaning, that point on the concept of time - has a double meaning, namely point-point, point in time and space on the essentials. Thus, the specific meaning of POP advertising is at the time of purchase and the purchase and place of purchase ad appears. Specifically, POP advertising is advantageous in time and effective sound empty position for the promotion of merchandise to attract customers, and guide customers to understand the content of goods or commercial events to induce customers to participate in generating motivation and desire to buy commercials. Referred to as "point of sale advertising." Is the general term for all the shopping and outside the (department stores, shopping centers, shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores) made the field of advertising. POP advertising effective, to stimulate customers to buy random (or impulse buy), but also effectively encourage customers planning to buy a resolute decision, namely to achieve immediate purchase. POP advertising has an important promotional role to consumers, retailers and manufacturers. POP advertising is a new form of commercial advertising developed in the form of advertising on the basis of the general. Compared with the general advertising, which is characterized mainly in terms of ad impressions and the like display manner, place and time

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