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Shop Display Skills 1

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Display door is comprehensive subject, is one of the most effective means of marketing terminal stores. Objective of the exhibition is the product of scientific planning, window shelves, models, lighting, music, pop posters, channel reaches promote product sales, enhance brand image. Generally divided into shop display window displays and store displays.
First, the window display
Window displays the entire store is the financial abbreviated form, is the corporate image of the main window, you need to consider the color, style, theme system.Window displays generally seasonal best-selling models, the main push-based models, the color should be bright and beautiful, can add a series of props window display according to the season, theme and other elements, but must display the goods, products style echoes. Such as: the use of color in spring and summer should be neutral or cool color props, giving a fresh and crisp feel (such as green, blue). Then use some warm colors of autumn and winter props (such as red, orange, etc.). Gives a warm, warm feeling, but also can be arranged in a number of enterprise culture-related items
Under conditions permitting, window models can be equipped with some suitable accessories such as bags, shoes, wigs, etc., to make it more humane, visualization. Window mannequin dressed impressions should be complete and vivid. The best styles to wear in the model body will have the best results.


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