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Shop Display Skills 2

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Second, store display

Store display will have a direct impact on our sales, store displays generally have the following points:
1, color display: effective use of permutations and combinations of colors, stimulate customers to buy. Disorderly color arrangement will give customers the feeling of clutter and do not want to close, the focus is to make regular changes to stimulate consumer visual functional combination of each color is regular, we can do color in accordance with the color ring classification, and then to each color in common then fine plus classified order. At the same time careful not to color points too rigid, cold and warm colors have a sense of rhythm. (In the color wheel, the order of twelve basic colors are: yellow, yellow-orange, orange, orange, red, magenta, violet, blue-violet, blue, cyan, green, yellow-green.) In the color wheel the shorter the distance the two colors are greater similarities, the smaller relative of conflict, contrast is also weaker, the effect produced by the more harmonious. The contrast in hue circle, the greater the distance between two colors, nothing commonality between them, and it's also the larger conflict, the stronger the contrast, the effect will be very lively, very strong.
2, rational use of a region: a region is the face of the so-called first and most easy to see the direction of the passenger area. We want the main push, can be attractive in a style area, which will help push the sales of the main paragraph. But note: A display area is not the highest price shall be based mid-priced (but can also be based on the actual situation, such as we have more to counter the higher spending power).
3, take the time to put in place: we must understand the store every day to our shop to buy clothes Who? Then select the main push models based on different customer groups. For example: Monday to Thursday we come mostly full-time wife, so you can put some fashion, high prices, unique style clothes as the main push in a region or wear in the model body. Friday afternoon to Sunday strolls the shop are mostly working women, can put affordable clothes to wear on a region or a model. Of course, this is not absolute, mainly depending on the circumstances around us to find out the tourists who come from changes in our main push display.

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