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Acrylic T1.2mm Plastic Sign Price Tag Label Paper Promotion Name Card Display Holders by Adhesive Tape on Back Good Quality

Material: Acrylic
Sheet Thickness: 1.2mm/0.048''
The size below means the insert paper card size.

To customers: 1. Free sample is welcomed but charge you a shipping cost;
2. We accept small orders by express way(by online shop order or by Paypal);
3. Large quantity in stock.

Feel free to inquiry us! With high quality and competitive price!
P5030T12  50mm/1.97'' x 30mm/1.18''
P6030T12 60mm/2.36'' x 30mm/1.18''
P6040T12 60mm/2.36'' x 40mm/1.57''
P7040T12 70mm/2.76'' x 40mm/1.57''
P7550T13 75mm/2.95'' x 50mm/1.97''
P8030T12 80mm/3.15'' x 30mm/1.18''
P8040T12 80mm/3.15'' x 40mm/1.57''
P8050T12 80mm/3.15'' x 50mm/1.97''
P8555T12 85mm/3.35'' x 55mm/2.16''
P9030T12 90mm/3.54'' x 30mm/1.18''
P9040T12 90mm/3.54'' x 40mm/1.57''
P9050T12 90mm/3.54'' x 50mm/1.97''
P9054T12 90mm/3.54'' x 54mm/2.12''
P9060T12 90mm/3.54'' x 60mm/2.36''
P9070T12 90mm/3.54'' x 70mm/2.76''
P10040T12 100mm/3.94'' x 40mm/1.57
P10050T12 100mm/3.94'' x 50mm/1.97''
P10060T12 100mm/3.94'' x 60mm/2.36''
P10070T12 100mm/3.94'' x 70mm/2.76''
P10080T12 100mm/3.94'' x 80mm/3.15''
P11070T12 110mm/4.33'' x 70mm/2.76''
P11080T12 110mm/4.33'' x 80mm/3.15''
P12060T12 120mm/4.72'' x 60mm/2.36''
P12070T12 120mm/4.72'' x 70mm/2.76''
P12080T12 120mm/4.72'' x 80mm/3.15''
P12090T12 120mm/4.72'' x 90mm/3.54''
P13070T12 130mm/5.12'' x 70mm/2.76''
P13080T12 130mm/5.12'' x 80mm/3.15''
P13090T12 130mm/5.12'' x 90mm/3.54''
P130100T12 130mm/5.12''  x 100mm/3.94''
P15080T12 150mm/5.91'' x 80mm/3.15''
P15090T12 150mm/5.91'' x 90mm/3.54''
P150100T12 150mm/5.91'' x 100mm/3.94''
P210150T20 210mm/8.27'' x 150mm/5.91''

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